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Christmas festival
Wrapping gifts in an environmentally friendly way

Gift wrapping made from tea towels is currently very trendy.

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With Christmas approaching, not only is the anticipation increasing, but also the amount of waste. This is how sustainable packaging works.

The festive Christmas season brings with it a lot of packaging materials. According to the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), around 18.8 million tons of packaging waste was collected in German households in 2020. This consumption is particularly high around the holidays.

These environmentally friendly alternatives protect the environment and are also fun to give as gifts:

Biodegradable materials

Instead of using shiny paper, wrapping paper made from untreated materials can be used. Alternatives made from rice paper or paper made from meadow hay are often even compostable. When choosing wrapping paper, you should pay attention to the FSC seal, as the material used comes from sustainable forestry.

Other biodegradable materials such as jute or cotton also offer a sustainable alternative to plastic bows.

Cloth bags and tea towels

Cloth bags, fabric scraps or tea towels are not only environmentally friendly as packaging materials, but also versatile. Gifts can be designed very individually, and the packaging can then be reused. What’s special: A fabric or tea towel adapts to the shape. What this looks like and how it works can be seen, for example, on the Instagram account of @wioleta_daria Documented step by step.

Reusable containers

Screw-top jars or baskets that serve another purpose can also be used for Christmas packaging. Individually designed with a pine branch, straw stars or bow, they look great. Most baskets also hold a lot of volume – so you can fit a lot in them.

Upcycling old paper

Instead of immediately throwing away old wrapping paper, creative minds can reuse it for artistic collages or homemade gift bags. Old paper such as newspaper sheets, paper bags or book pages are also suitable for environmentally friendly packaging with a personal touch. Inspiration for this can also be found on the Instagram account @kerstinvonsanviewho makes Christmas gift bags out of paper bags.

Sustainable Christmas gifts

It is possible to pay attention to sustainability not only when designing the gift packaging, but also when selecting the gift. What you want can be purchased either used or repaired – this protects your wallet and the environment at the same time. However, if you do buy new, you should pay attention to the Fairtrade seal, as this indicates goods that come from fair trade.


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