Christophe in intensive care: "He is not doing well at all" reports Benjamin Castaldi: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

The announcement shook all of France. Thursday, March 26, singer Christophe was admitted to intensive care for respiratory failure in a Parisian hospital. According to information from Parisian, the interpreter of Blue Words would have tested positive for Covid-19. Many artists and anonymous people have supported the singer by posting messages on social networks. "From medical sources, his condition is currently stable and he is very well supervised and monitored by medical staff., declared its turner, Laurent Castanié, Sunday March 29 at AFP. In the current context, we are obviously worried. "

Benjamin Castaldi talks about Christophe's state of health

Monday March 30, 2020 in Tonight at Baba's on C8, Cyril Hanouna spoke of the different personalities affected by the coronavirus, including Christophe. Benjamin Castaldi, live from his home, wanted to speak to comment on the artist's state of health: "I think Christophe … is not doing well at all. I think it's not going well at all, he insisted, his tone grave. I have a thought for his relatives (…) apparently it is very complicated for him ". Christophe's wife, Véronique Bevilacqua, gave some details to Parisian : "I cannot confirm that he has coronavirus because the hospital refuses to give me information after too many press calls. His condition is not reassuring, but he is stable. We, his family, hope the lungs will hold on and recover. ".

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