Cindy Sander sulphurous: she does without a bra for a daring and ultra sexy look

In 2008, the general public became acquainted with Cindy Sander in the show The New Star. His performance, somewhat mocked, had then quickly made the rounds of the Web. The singer used this buzz to release her single Butterfly of Lightthus becoming an essential character of the 2000s before falling back into oblivion.

It is thanks to the late couturier Thierry Mugler that Cindy Sander has made a strong comeback on the front of the stage. He had met her and engaged her in one of her shows, The Wyld in Berlin but above all, he had succeeded in shaping her into a femme fatale. With him, the young woman had managed to lose forty pounds and became redhead. A physique that she has managed to keep over time, thanks to the healthiest food hygiene. “When I worked with Mugler I lost over 40 pounds. Today, I no longer diet, for a year now, I eat ketogenic. It’s a diet that consists of reducing carbohydrates, I now burn fat and I lost 10 kilos again. […]With the ketogenic diet, the roles are reversed, I eat carbohydrates but differently. I don’t deprive myself of anything anymore“, she confided.

I love myself and I accept myself as I am

It is therefore with confidence that she now reveals herself regularly on her social networks. Monday, November 14, she appeared sexier than ever wearing very short sheathing shorts, high heels and a black tuxedo jacket, which was open with absolutely nothing underneath. Through this video, Cindy Sander wanted to encourage the body positive movement. “Well in my body, stop the complexes. I love myself and I accept myself as I am. No one is perfect So what? dare“, she captioned. And to add: “My video is a message for all women. Stop judging, stop criticizing, stop stop just OSE“.

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