Cinema Quiz: if you recognize these 11 films, you are the master of the world!

When we think of James Cameron, we think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sigourney Weaver or Leonardo DiCaprio. But throughout his 8 films, we met many other actors. In which films have you seen these 11 characters?

If James Cameron has only directed eight feature films (nine if we take into account the separate case of Piranha 2) in around forty years, from Terminator in 1984 to the recent Avatar 2: The Way of l’eau, released in 2022, he has nonetheless become one of the major filmmakers of our time, whose release of each film has become a highly anticipated event.

The Cinémathèque Française de Paris made no mistake, and decided to dedicate an exhibition to this essential director of recent decades, entitled “The Art of James Cameron”.

The exhibition which begins this Thursday, April 4 will be accompanied by a retrospective with the broadcast of all of the director’s films – as well as one of his documentaries, Alien of the Deep – with to begin with the programming of Terminator, in presence of the filmmaker for an exchange on stage with the director and screenwriter Alice Winocour.

As for the exhibition itself, which will be held until January 5, 2025, it will attempt to give an overview of the abundant imagination of this director who is also a screenwriter and designer, by introducing us to his many worlds through six major themes: “Dreaming with your eyes wide open”, “The Human Machine”, “Exploring the unknown”, “Titanic: turn back time”, “Creatures: humans and aliens” and finally “The Untamed Worlds”.

We also wanted to take this opportunity to look back at the filmography of this unique filmmaker by offering you this quiz where you will have to try to find in which films you were able to see these eleven supporting roles. Up to you !

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