Clandestine dinners: who is Christophe Leroy, the suspected “chef of the stars”? : Current Woman The MAG

It all started on Friday April 2, 2021. In a report, the journalists of the M6 ​​channel infiltrated clandestine dinners organized in several places located in Paris. Some viewers thought they recognized the Palais Vivienne, owned by Pierre-Jean Chalençon, the collector and former buyer of the show. Deal concluded on France 2. The individual questioned by M6 affirmed, on condition of anonymity, that some ministers attended such parties. He was simply presented by the channel as a “renowned collector“.

Following the broadcast of this report, viewers also believed to recognize Christophe Leroy, a famous chef with whom Pierre-Jean Chalençon appears on social networks. In a portrait dedicated to him and broadcast on Monday, April 5, 2021 on the website of the Parisian, we can learn more about this “chef of the stars“now accused of preparing meals during such evenings organized at the Vivienne Palace. This 57-year-old chef from Coutances in La Manche has made a name for himself in the French gastronomic community in the south of France and more particularly in Saint-Tropez. We owe him in particular the preparation of the meal at the wedding of Johnny Hallyday. He will then collaborate with many celebrities. He appears in turn with Bernard Tapie (who was recently the victim of a burglary), Michel Drucker, Patrick Poivre d’Arvor and Emmanuelle Béart during various white evenings organized by him at the Moulins de Ramatuelle.

Multiple legal setbacks

Its heyday came to an abrupt end due to various legal setbacks. In February 2017, the chef faced the judicial liquidation of two of his restorations. Later, Pamela Anderson, who partnered with Christophe Leroy to launch the vegan restaurant The Market Table, has decided to end this collaboration due to the “bad treatment of staff” and “total disrespect”, as the actress announced on Instagram. Moreover, the commercial court of Fréjus had pronounced the judicial liquidation of his company CL Développement. Christophe Leroy, disowned by all, had tried to commit suicide, as was made known Var-Morning in August 2017. Our colleagues specify that the chief is awaited in court during a trial which will take place in September 2021. The liquidation of Moulins de Ramatuelle is intriguing because of “various preventions including bankruptcy, use of forgery, execution of concealed work and deceptive commercial practice”.

In the meantime, Christophe Leroy has made a place for himself in the sun in Paris. He launched a business, for example, at the Palais Vivienne, which is one of the establishments filmed by M6. In parallel, Christophe Leroy opened his own club, Leroy’s business club. He assumed in March 2021 duringan interview given to West France receive people in his apartment in order to ‘to give pleasure to the plate in these gloomy times. French gastronomy has always known how to adapt. Me too” he said. Words that resurface due to the controversy sparked by the M6 ​​report following which Christophe Leroy’s official website has been deleted.

Our colleagues from Here is emerged from the archives of this site on which it was proposed to enjoy a brunch for 120 euros, to test a menu with truffles “tribute to Johnny Hallyday“for 290 euros or one”stars menu“at 940 euros. He offered menus at the Palais Vivienne “ranging from 290 euros to 980 euros for the” Menu d’Austerlitz “”, specify our colleagues Monday, April 5, 2021, adding that Christophe Leroy also proposed an activity “tea Room“at the Palais Vivienne. For information, the Paris prosecutor Rémy Heitz opened on Sunday April 4, 2021 a criminal investigation “counts of endangering others and of undeclared work”, in order to “check whether parties have been organized in disregard of sanitary rules and determine who were the possible organizers and participants”.

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