Clogged nose free in 30 seconds? With This method it works!


Catches? Nose too? This is unfortunately more common in the cold season. But with this simple trick, you can quickly breathe again!

A cold always has a nasty aftertaste: The nose is blocked, the head starts to hurt and you really do not want to leave the house anymore. But a handle from Osteopathy by Curt Hermann Lutz Burkhardt works in just 30 seconds! He is so good that we ask ourselves: Why did not we know him before?

This is how the magic handle works:

  • The index and middle fingers of one hand between the eyebrows
  • Place the same fingers of the other hand about two-thirds lower (in the middle of the bridge of the nose)
  • Separate both ‘stations’ slightly (here: no pressure, but gently stretch) – and that for half a minute
  • Nothing happens during stretching, it takes a short while until the nose is clear 

We tried it and it actually works. Of course, it’s not a grip that will take away our cold, but an SOS grip that will give you fresh air, anyway. And that’s better in between than getting a nasal spray every time. What else helps with a stuffy nose, you can read here: