Cold myths: 5 mistakes that will make your cold even longer

Common cold myths
You should avoid these mistakes with colds, coughs and the like

Common cold myths: Especially in the cold season, we all have to struggle with colds again and again – and we unknowingly do some things wrong during treatment.


The cold season is slowly at its peak and has got us all under control. We’ll tell you five mistakes that happen particularly often when curing flu-like infections.

Regardless of whether you have a cold, cough, headache or fever – colds and flu-like infections are really annoying and sometimes drag on for weeks until they are completely cured. Good advice is needed when it comes to a scratchy throat and runny nose. The real problem, however, is not the therapy methods, but mistakes that are made during the cold season. Many “tried and tested home remedies” in particular often do more harm than good.

Cold myths: this is how you avoid lengthy disease processes

This year in particular, our immune systems seem to be particularly sensitive to all pathogens. The reason for this is the numerous protective measures in the wake of the corona pandemic. Our defenses therefore hardly had to fight viruses and bacteria and are therefore particularly sensitive. In the video we reveal five mistakes that you should better avoid during the cold season.

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