Containment: this magic food to avoid eating cakes! : Current Woman Le MAG

Jean-Michel Cohen wants to help the French to live better this period of confinement which promises to be very long because of the coronavirus pandemic which strikes the country. Wednesday March 25, on the show Hello Baba sure C8, when a viewer asked Cyril Hanouna why he had more desire to eat fatty and sweet rather than healthy during confinement, nutritionist Jean-Michel Cohen gave two reasons. "The first is that when you are confined, eating is an activity and as we need to do it, we will eat. And the second thing, is that it activates the circuits of pleasure, reward and especially sugar, so people will go to sweet products", he explained before giving a recipe that could well change the eating habits of people placed in confinement.

Sweet potato: the best weapon against sugar

"You need to buy sweet potatoes. Then cut them into quarters and place them in the oven. There will be two advantages: it is a product that will become slightly sweet when it comes out of the oven and in addition, it will calm your sugar cravings"Suffice to say that this recipe left the flagship host of C8 rather puzzled. "Sweet potato ? But is that good?", he launched while other columnists, virtually present around Cyril Hanouna, were also skeptical. None really seemed to be convinced, but all of them promised to at least try. Notice to sugar lovers , the sweet potato could become your best friend.

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