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Corona aktuell: 4 rules that are more effective than vitamin tablets

The corona virus makes people rethink their own lives: how healthy am I? Do I belong to the risk group? And could I take better care of myself? In view of the acute threat posed by the corona crisis, people still fall into a general health overhaul. It should go quickly, the optimization, after all, the infection can happen every day. And so it happens that in many places not only toilet paper, but also medication and vitamin tablets are hammered …

What does it do? Should I quickly get the A-Z vitamin depot – and swallow all the superfoods that the local drugstore has ready? All nonsense, says Dr. Extinguisher – unless you have to take food supplements anyway due to a proven deficiency or illness.

Dr. Thomas Löscher is an infection doctor in Munich. He not only constantly monitors the number of cases in other countries, but also deals with Covid 19 patients every day. In the past few weeks, he has noticed four main measures that people can actually do something for their health. In an interview with, he revealed how everyone can currently take care of themselves and eliminate risk factors themselves.

Corona virus: "There are four very banal rules"

Do not smoke

Even if it is difficult for many: Now is the best time to stop smoking: "It is very important not to smoke, current figures show this impressively," says Dr. Löscher.

Here you can find out whether smokers are more at risk for the corona virus

Reduce excess weight

Even if the home quarantine invites you to eat more and sit on the sofa: Nevertheless, you should currently pay attention to a healthy and varied diet and a normal body weight, says Dr. Extinguisher. The cardiovascular system is overweight, which is needed to survive a coronavirus infection.


"You can go for a walk or go jogging – at a distance," advises Dr. Löscher. Physical activity is particularly important at the moment in order to keep fit and to ventilate the lungs, which are particularly affected by the infection with the new coronavirus.

Reduce alcohol

"Do not drink alcohol or drink little, at least not excessively," Dr. Löscher is currently also giving patients on the way. So you don't have to do without a glass of wine at the weekend, but especially in times of crisis, you should consciously enjoy the luxury drink – and not use as a relaxant.

Vitamin pills or not – ultimately, health is in your own hands. Because every single measure not only alludes to the corona virus, but applies to the general improvement of the physical condition. And sometimes small rules are enough to keep yourself healthy and prepare for infections, Dr. motivates Extinguisher:

If you pay attention to this, you have already done a lot!

Thank you for the interview!

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