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Corona crisis: Royals applaud medical staff

Prince Charles (71), who was infected with the corona virus, and his wife, Duchess Camilla (72), supported the #ClapForOurCarers social media campaign. In an Instagram story, they shared a montage of how the two thanked doctors, nurses and helpers for their efforts against the virus.

On Wednesday it was announced that Charles was also infected. "The Prince of Wales has tested positive for the corona virus. He had mild symptoms but is otherwise in good health and has worked from home as usual for the past few days," a Royals spokesman said. Camilla's test was negative.

The kids clap too

However, a video of Prince George (6), Princess Charlotte (4) and Prince Louis (1), who also say thank you, is much sweeter. Dad Prince William (37) and mom Kate (38) shared the clip on their Instagram profile. They wrote: "Many thanks to all doctors, nurses, nurses, general practitioners, pharmacists, volunteers and other health care workers who work tirelessly to help those affected by # Covid19."

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