Corona outbreak: 3,000 people contacted after a 2g party

Corona outbreak in Berghain
3,300 people contacted after 2G party

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A corona outbreak was reported after a party in Berghain in Berlin. 3,300 people were contacted.

It was just the first weekend after it opened. Berghain, probably the most legendary club in Berlin, has reopened. And a corona outbreak was promptly reported.

On the weekend around October 10th, several people are said to have been in the club who subsequently tested positive for the corona virus. According to the Berliner Morgenpost, there is only a single-digit number of infected people who have been reported so far. However, the consequences are drastic: a total of 3,300 people had to be contacted.

Corona cases after 2g party

The party is said to have been a 2g event, the rules of which were strictly controlled. Visitors to the club report that both corona passports and ID cards had to be presented at the entrance. The contact details were also left behind – so that if the worst came to the worst, they could be informed about an infection. In order to avoid providing incorrect data, entry should only be refused upon presentation of the confirmation email.

Now thousands of people are said to have received an email. It is recommended that those affected get tested and, if symptoms occur, do a PCR test.

According to “rbb24”, it was not the first outbreak of its kind. Already after the opening of the Berghain, around 2,500 people are said to have been contacted after 19 infected people had been reported to the club. Infections are also said to have occurred recently at other 2g events, but only in the lower, double-digit range.

If people are informed about contact with an infected person after an event, that is a good sign. Because it proves that the contact tracing worked. For those who have been vaccinated, this procedure should be normal in the future – because the vaccination protects against a severe course, but not 100 percent against infection. Then the main thing is to be mindful. According to the Corona warning app, anyone who is vaccinated and is a contact person should short-circuit themselves with the family doctor’s practice, observe symptoms and, if necessary, do a PCR test.


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