Corona virus: Why are all people now hamstering flour?


Empty flour shelves in supermarkets

The same pictures are seen again and again in social networks these days: empty supermarket shelves, in which noodles, canned ravioli or flour were originally stored. But while you can still imagine what can be cooked with pasta or canned vegetables, the situation is different with flour: Why exactly is the grain hammered? There are two explanations for this:

  • Flour has a very long shelf life: Light flours like wheat and rye flour can can be stored for up to one yearif you keep them cool, dry, protected from light and well closed. For this reason, flour is also on the emergency stock list of the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief (BBK). Whole wheat flour only lasts a maximum of eight weeks due to the higher fat content.
  • With only a few ingredients, flour can be used to make staple foods: Bread and other pasta can be baked, for example, by adding water, dry yeast, salt and possibly oil. Together with eggs and milk, pancakes can be quickly made from flour or you can make pasta yourself.

Do I need an emergency supply?

Still, it doesn't make sense to panic about the corona virus and buy ten kilograms of flour in stock. According to estimates by the German trade association, no bottlenecks are to be expected, and the supply of the population is guaranteed. The BBK checklist also applies not on the Corana virus, but on disaster situations such as floods or storms – For these scenarios, it makes sense to have a supply in the house that can be used to bridge ten days without purchasing.


In addition to food, this also includes Medicines, hygiene articles or items that are useful in the event of a power failure, such as Camping stoves, matches, flashlights and batteries. Pet owners should also remember to have food for dogs, cats and more.

Would you like to exchange information about stocks and hamster purchases with others? Then have a look at the BRIGITTE community, where there is already a lot of discussion about the topic.