Coronavirus: Julien Lepers sings for the nursing staff: Femme Actuelle Le MAG


Since the Covid-19 pandemic paralyzed France and worried the population, certain personalities took the floor to testify. This is particularly the case of Julien Lepers who expressed his concerns about his health a few days ago. The legendary presenter of Questions for a champion recently spoke of his anxieties about the first symptoms suggesting possible contamination. "I don’t eat, I’m not very hungry, so I lost weight. ", he said on Twitter. "My symptoms weren't so severe that I got tested and I didn't want to take a hospital seat for nothing. ", said the former host of France 3. But like many, Julien Lepers also wanted to pay a vibrant tribute to the hospital staff who fight day and night to care for the sick. Like Vanessa Paradis, he also composed a song dedicated to medical teams.

An unexpected and original tribute in its form

Whoever wrote and the tube For pleasure remembered the fond memories of his time as a composer. In his video posted on his Twitter account, Julien Lepers appears before an orange wall, with the keyboard and cap on his head to sing his song: "To save us from this pandemic, nurses, doctors, our friends, let's stay united. To save us from this sacred tragedy, we will overcome the disease and live life a thousand times thank you. Without expecting anything but to save us, all day, all day to fight never to back down. The nursing staff we are with you. " A faithful moose tribute to the colorful personality of the presenter.


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