Covid-19: faced with the increase in cases, Macron shows himself masked in Vienne

Arthur de Laborde
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08:02, December 09, 2022

This Thursday, and while the number of Covid-19 cases is on the rise again, with more than 100,000 contaminations per day, Emmanuel Macron went to Fontaine-le-Comte, as part of the National Council of the refoundation. The Head of State appeared there masked to encourage “to resume habits based on volunteering and the spirit of responsibility”.

More than 100,000 cases of Covid per day. As the end-of-year celebrations approach, the government is calling for people to once again respect barrier gestures and in particular the wearing of masks in public places. Emmanuel Macron also set the tone during his trip to Fontaine-le-Comte, near Poitiers, for a working meeting and the National Council for Refoundation. The Head of State appeared masked.

“Spirit of Responsibility”

A blue white red mask put on by Emmanuel Macron just before speaking in front of nearly 70 people gathered around him in a village hall. “It’s good to do pedagogy because we don’t want to return to generalized obligations, necessarily. And so it’s also a way of resuming habits based on volunteering and the spirit of responsibility. “, explained the head of state.

An ephemeral message of pedagogy since after an hour of exchanges, when the cameras are no longer there, the president removes his mask to conclude the discussions. Focused, almost silent. During this meeting, Emmanuel Macron speaks little. Unlike the great debate where he was on the front of the stage, able to speak for hours.

The Head of State wants to show that he participates in the National Council for Refoundation, above all to listen. Residents, elected officials and health professionals shared their comments and proposals for prevention in the healthcare system. Emmanuel Macron still reserved an announcement for them: free condoms in pharmacies for all 18-25 year olds from January 1.

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