Craig Wright, aka Faketoshi, must prove he owns $5 billion in Bitcoin (BTC)

Faketoshi in embarrassment. Unfortunately, since 2016, Craig S. Wright claims without no proof be the creator of Bitcoin (BTC), Satoshi Nakamoto. And this, while he also already lost many cases against those who claim the opposite. The most infamous Faketoshi is also on course to lose another trial, where the courts ask him to prove ownership of over 100,000 bitcoins.

Tulip Trading case against all Bitcoin developers (and its forks)

Since 2021, the real Don Quixote of crypto that is Craig S. Wright (CSW) went against his personal windmills: the “evil” developers of Bitcoin (the real one), those of his fork Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and even against the developers of fork of this fork, BSVof which Wright also contributes to the development.

Our Faketoshi accuses them of having “stole” his brilliant inventionwhich he does not want to share with anyone – CSW does not know open source, he patent everything that moveseven what he claims to be his without evidence.

In front of this absurd trialbut which unfortunately requires to defend oneselfmounted the Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund the same year (2021). In this case, it is the company Tulip Trading of Craig Wright, based in the tax haven of Seychelles, who claims to have “ lost » the trifle of 111,000 BTC…Not a small blunder, since we are talking about not far from 5 billion dollarswith a Bitcoin price hovering around $44,000 per unit.

Craig Wright’s imaginary bitcoins soon in court?

Craig Wright is therefore suing the developers of Bitcoin so that he creates a backdoor to recover his imaginary 111,000 BTC. In other words, it poses no problem for him to absolutely destroy all credibility (especially the one on his decentralization) to the invention of Satoshi Nakamoto. Just that. Mind-blowingAnd the word is weak.

Where things are going violently harden for this Faketoshi, flushed out for a long time for his countless falsificationsit is that the High Court of Justice of the United Kingdom orders Tulip Trading to prove first of all that she is the owner of this hundred thousand BTC, before even considering a lawsuit against the Bitcoin developers.

As reported by the account @gonbegood on the social network “massive defeat” for Tulip Trading and Craig Wright, since before any legal harassment against BTC developers, the accusers will have to prove in detail:

  1. that they own so the 111,000 bitcoins in question (good luck if they “lost” the private keys);
  2. that their complaint is not “ fraudulent » and therefore does not constitute “a abuse of process » (it gets tough);
  3. that they have not started the procedure “ knowing that they did not own the bitcoins in question” (ooh, it smells scorched);
  4. that the ” alleged hacking » really deprived Tulip Trading of the private keys (it definitely smells like pine tree).
Craig Wright, aka Faketoshi, will have to prove that he owns 111,000 imaginary bitcoins.
X account @gonbegood

The High Court of Justice having other much more urgent matters to fry, Craig Wright and his Seychellois company must not hope for this trial preliminary Before ” 2025 “. Given that the magistrates feel CSW’s bad joke by far (and the shortest are the best), the duration of the trial is set at only 15 days for the accusers to prove all 4 points mentioned above. Little icing on the cake, the court also ordered Tulip Trading to “ provide security for the defendants’ costs “. Whenever society would be led to losevery potentially from the preliminary trial, and should reimburse the defense costs for abusive procedure.

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