Cristina Cordula in a wispy ultra-low-cut dress for a crazy dance (wow): Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Vacation time has come! After sharing his valuable tips throughout the year on his show The Queens of Shopping, it is high time for Cristina Cordula to have a good time. And to decompress this year, the sparkling Franco-Brazilian went to relax with friends at Cap Ferret. If for her departure she had bet on wide pants with a jogging spirit and a pair of dad shoes, the host preferred them a lighter outfit once arrived at her place of rest.

Whether during confinement or outside the cameras, lazing around is not there for his sense of style. Always out of the blue, the most crazy of the animators display flawless looks. From the long T-shirt dress, to the tight-fitting Bermuda shorts mixed with a T-shirt passing to the asymmetrical swimsuit, it reveals the must have to slip into his suitcase for this summer.

To enjoy the sun and the sea, Cristina Cordula has swapped his skinny jeans and his khaki shirt for a bohemian and more casual garment. Very active on the TikTok app, the queen of PAF shared her ideal summer outfit for a totally crazy electro dance.

Radiant Cristina Cordula in a very sexy beach outfit

"Magnifaïk ma chérwie" ! The former top confirms its status as queen of style, whether on asphalt or on sandy beaches. In the company of his friends Jean-Phi Jansens and Noémie Caillault, Cristina Cordula perfectly masters the theme of the week: "Stylish and sexy on vacation".

Among her incredible collection of long dresses, the host set her sights on an outfit with butterfly sleeves. White, adorned with green stripes to marry its curves, this light and airy dress gathered at the front perfectly marks its wasp waist. And as she says it so well: small chest, maxi-neckline. Very attentive to the smallest details of her outfits, the most famous image consultant has bet on a dress with a deep v-neck for a more delightful look. And to perfect her outfit for ultra-stylish holidaymakers, Cristina Cordula left her dizzying heels in her closet for the famous pair of flip-flops.

Very quickly, this canon and crazy video caught the attention of its followers. The latter could not help typing on the keyboard tender comments. "Magnificent", "You are at the top", "Oh la la Cristina", whether to offer her fashion tips or a few dance steps, Cristina Cordula is unanimous. We love !

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