Cryotherapy for hair, what is it for?


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We knew about cryotherapy for the face and the body. This revolutionary technique is now used to revive damaged hair. Zoom.

You are probably already familiar with cryotherapy for the body. This technique consists of providing care through the cold. This can be for the purpose of soothing pain or inflammation, dissolving fat, promoting physical recovery, or even stimulating blood circulation. Used on the face, cold treatment improves the quality of the skin by making it firmer. And did you know that it is also possible to use the cold to sublimate our hair ? This is precisely what the cryotherapy for hair, a technique that is suitable for all hair types.

You know that cold treatment has benefits for our hair. To make our hair shinier, we often recommend rinsing its lengths with cold water. And for good reason, the cold closes the scales of the hair – unlike the heat which opens them. Thus, the hair is more silky, the frizz controlled, and the favored growth. Ideal for enhancing your lengths, but also making your daily brushing easier and creating a pretty hairstyle quickly.

Cryotherapy for hair, how does it work?

To care for your hair by cold, there are different methods. The first one ? Place plates in the freezer. This is what the Inverse Hair brand offers with its special “cryotherapy for hair” straightening plates. Similar to those of a conventional hair straightener, they do not plug in. It is sufficient to place the Inverse Hair straightener at least four hours in the freezer so that the plates have a temperature below 0 ° C. Finally, we can use the Inverse Hair device on our hair, just like we would with a traditional straightener; that is, by sliding our locks of hair between the cold plates of this revolutionary hair straightener with a futuristic look. On damp hair, the device will smooth the hair fiber thanks to the cold (provided that your hair is wavy, beyond that, the Inverse Hair straightener will not manage to smooth the curls correctly). The hair will then brighter and softer, but also in better health. Indeed, as a reminder, the cold acts as a treatment and allows preserve the hair fiber. The only small negative point that we can find in Inverse Hair treatment: the smoothing plates heat up as they pass through our hair, then return to room temperature. Allow about 20 minutes of use before you see its effects diminish.

Inverse Hair – cold hair treatment

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Second innovation that allows your hair to benefit from the benefits of cold treatment: the icy hairbrush. Like the Inverse Hair straightener, this device is recommended for straightening wavy hair, but can also be used on curly, straight or frizzy hair to provide them with all the benefits of the cold. The brush offered by the Monlida brand uses thermoelectric cooling technology to smooth the hair fiber. Diffusing cold, the tool that plugs into the sector also brings a nice shine to the hair and controls frizz. The Monlida device can be used on damp hair, but also on the beard to style and tame it, as with hair care.

Finally, you do not have to practice cryotherapy at home. It is also possible to visit a professional. Several salons, whether in Paris or in the provinces, offer cryotherapy for damaged hair. Many hairdressers then use the Frozen Machine Ice-Cold Treatment from Hair.Toxx. First, the professional will apply to the entire hair a specific treatment formulated with hyaluronic acid. The Hair.Toxx product will penetrate the hair fiber to restore good hydration and strengthen it. To do this, the hairdresser will use the Ice-Cold Treatment straightener with the cold plates on all the locks. The temperature of the smoothing plates, namely -5 ° C, will help to close the scales and therefore the care inside the hair fiber. The product applied to the hair will crystallize on the passage of the plates. Finally, the hairdresser will dry your hair using a hair dryer. The hair is then perfectly shiny and visibly healthier ! Nothing better to facilitate your daily brushing, but also to achieve a pretty hairstyle quickly.

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