Culture news After 7 years of waiting, the SF Alien saga is back: the next film will terrify cinemas in 2024!

Culture news After 7 years of waiting, the SF Alien saga is back: the next film will terrify cinemas in 2024!

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The Alien franchise has gone through all the emotions since its cinema debut in 1979. No less than four directors have succeeded one another to develop a universe which today has eight films (if we take into account the Alien vs. Predator crossover) and soon nine. The xenomorph returns to terrorize moviegoers in 2024.

The return of Alien to the cinema

Addicts to horror and galactic epics can’t wait for the next part of one of the most cult saga of the 7th Art. So legendary that it is the origin of the most sacred monster in cinema and popularized the codes of a sub-genre… the slasher. Alien is indeed back in theaters in 2024 to paralyze movie buffs and other curious people, and this is excellent news because the road was long and fraught with pitfalls for early fans.

The memory of Prometheus, supposed to be the science fiction messiah made by the prophet of the genre himself, had the effect of a damp squib when it was released in 2012 and its sequel Alien: Covenant (2017) did not nothing could be done to save a sinking cinematic vessel. However, the salvation of the xenomorph could take place in 2024 with a brand new film directed by horror and thriller specialist Fede Alvarez. The Uruguayan filmmaker is behind the popular Don’t Breathe: House of Darkness (2016), Evil Dead (2013) and the series One Night in Hell (2014) adapted from the film by Robert Rodriguez.

A film dubbed by Ridley Scott

After several months of waiting lurking in the shadows, the creature imagined by HR Giger at the end of the 70s pounces on its prey on March 20, 2024 and releases a first trailer from its iconic jaw (see above). Alien: Romulus is doing everything possible to reconcile fans with the saga and it seems to be working. “I love it”, “The film of the year”… The rave reactions were not long in coming. Some even dare to compare the feature film to the acclaimed Alien: Isolation.

Moreover, Alien: Romulus takes place between Alien (1979) and Aliens, the Return (1986) just like the Survival-Horror developed in 2014 by Creative Assembly and published by Sega. The film directed and co-written by Fede Alvarez tells the misadventures of a group of young people chased by a xenomorph on a distant world located at the edge of the universe. This project has the intelligence to call on a casting of aspiring actors and actresses to portray roles likely to perish without warning, and this is its great strength (on paper at least) beyond striking visuals and an atmosphere worthy of that of the first Alien. Ridley Scott himself approved the film.

Fede (Alvarez), what can I say? It’s awesome ! -Ridley Scott

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