Current product test winners: The best televisions under 1000 euros


The best televisions in the current hit parade from Stiftung Warentest cost well over 1000 euros. You can also find good devices there at lower prices, especially in the standard sizes with screens around 50 inches.

In the Corona crisis, people spend significantly more time in front of the television than usual. At the beginning of the pandemic, according to a Deloitte survey, 44 percent of Germans watched TV at least two hours longer than before the crisis. Something similar could happen again in autumn and winter, when you can spend less time outdoors. If you want to buy a new device for cozy TV evenings, you can get smart at Stiftung Warentest, which has expanded its overview to include 16 current TVs. There are now 186 devices available for delivery there, has selected the five best under 1000 euros.

LG clears

The winner of the devices with the popular 55-inch standard display size is the LG 55NANO867NA, which you can get for around 800 euros. Warentest thinks its picture is good (2.1), and the sound is even very good. Handling (1.7), environmental properties (2.1) and versatility (1.3) were also convincing. Overall, that was enough for the strong overall grade of 1.8.

When size matters, the LG 65SM8050PLC offers the most bang for your buck.

(Photo: LG)

The price-performance winner in this size class comes from the same manufacturer. Of the LG 55SM8050PLC is offered online from 500 euros, but with a quality rating of 1.9 it was only marginally weaker than its more expensive stable companion. The examiners only found a real difference in the tone, which was rated with a grade of 1.8, not quite as good as the number 1.

Small and large TVs good and cheap

Even if you are looking for a smaller 43-inch TV, you cannot avoid the South Korean manufacturer. Here is the with an overall grade of 2.0 LG 43UN73906LE the best device for smaller budgets. His picture is good (2.2) and none of the other categories are rated lower than 2.0. With a little luck you can get the small telly from around 400 euros.

That is even cheaper LG UM71007LB, which received the quality rating 2.3 and delivers a good picture (2.4). It is traded online from 330 euros including shipping. With this device, buyers have to accept a weaker tone, which the product test rated with 2.7. Otherwise, the cheaper LG dwarf only got good to very good individual grades.

Inexpensive giant

Amazingly, the product test list also includes a television with a powerful 65-inch display, which not only left a strong overall impression (1.9) in the test, but is also very cheap with an average retail price of 750 euros. With the LG 65SM8050PLC manufacturer LG makes its triumph perfect. Product test found the large screen (2.0), the sound (2.2), the handling (1.8) and the environmental properties (1.9) of this TV set to be good. There was even a 1 (1.3) for versatility.

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