“Deal concluded”: Julien Cohen invites himself to lunch at Marie du Sordet: Current Woman Le MAG

Tuesday June 16, 2020, buyers ofDeal concluded met Franck, 43, who came to sell a beautiful enamel sign of the Paris metro station dating from the 1930s. It was estimated at 100 euros by the auctioneer, who nevertheless told him that he could get a lot more if he fell in love. And as much to say that Diem Crenais was right. In the auction room, Marie du Sordet immediately showed great interest to acquire the Saint-Jacques station plaque. The reason: her husband's name is Jacques and the day of the shooting was her birthday, so she wanted to surprise him. Problem, Julien Cohen too would have made a good start with. Bids quickly flew up to 400 euros. It was at this point that Pierre-Jean Chalençon's accomplice had an idea.

Marie du Sordet will have to take out the extensions from her dining table

"There she likes it, huh! I can tell you that she loves him", laughed Julien Cohen, before making him an offer:"I want to pass this plate to 400 euros, which in my opinion is between three and four times the price, with one condition. I know you cook very well, so I will give you your hand if you invite me to lunch in the Perche!"An offer that was immediately accepted by the main interested party, so happy to acquire this famous plaque. All the other buyers jumped at the opportunity to also be invited to her house. A big breakfast should therefore be organized a few kilometers from Paris with the whole teamDeal concluded.

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