Death of Bob Saget: his wife Kelly Rizzo comes out of silence after the funeral

January is a terrible month for people. This Wednesday, January 19, Gaspard Ulliel breathed his last at just 37 years old. The actor, seen in A long engagement Sunday and Saint Laurent, succumbed to his injuries after a serious skiing accident. Despite the rapid intervention of the emergency services and his passage to the operating room, the doctors could not save him. The mourning promises to be long and painful for his partner Gaëlle Pietri and their 6-year-old son, Orso. A journey started by Kelly Rizzo, wife of Bob Saget. The actor, best known for playing the role of Danny Tanner in house party, died at age 65. The body of the comedian and comedian was found dead in a hotel room in Orlando, Florida. A sudden but natural disappearance according to the authorities who had found no trace of break-in or drug use at the scene. The actors of The house party expressed their surprise and sorrow at hearing the news. But the eyes were especially riveted on Kelly Rizzo, the widow of Bob Saget.

Some time after the announcement of the death of her husband, Kelly Rizzo spoke on her Instagram page: “Bob was amazing. He was just love. If you knew him, you knew he loved you because he never missed an opportunity to let it know” she wrote. Three days after this poignant text written for him, Kelly Rizzo faced the ordeal of the funeral in Los Angeles, during which she was able to count on the support of the cast of The Party at the house including John Stamos, Mary -Kate and Ashley Olsen.

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