Death of Claude Brasseur: Nicolas Bedos, Nathalie Baye … the stars pay homage to him: Current Woman The MAG

The world of the seventh art is in mourning. Actor Claude Brasseur died on Tuesday, December 22, 2020 at the age of 84, as Elisabeth Tanner, head of the Time Art agency, told AFP: "Claude Brasseur died that day in peace and serenity, surrounded by his own ". The actor with the 90 films and the two Caesars leaves behind his wife Michele, with whom he was married for 50 years and who gave him a son named Alexander. But they are not the only ones to mourn him: his loved ones are just as touched by this terrible news. Many celebrities have therefore naturally wanted to pay tribute to him on social networks. Franck Dubosc, who played alongside him in the comedy Camping by Fabien Onteniente where Claude Brasseur played the role of Jacky Pic, wrote a nice message on a shooting photo. "I kiss you one last time my Claude".

Beautiful tributes

Very touched by his disappearance, Jean Dujardin also paid tribute to him on his Instagram account. "Goodbye my beautiful and talented Claude", he wrote on a beautiful souvenir photo. Nathalie Baye is not left out. The actress, who worked alongside him on a feature film, also wrote him a few words: "Claude … we shot together, with Johnny, Detective, by Jean Luc Godard … a crazy movie …! Claude was sometimes unhappy on this shoot, Godard was rough with him, he was a handsome actor, endearing and secretive. His departure saddens me. " Guillaume de Tonquédec said: "I particularly liked Claude Brasseur", before adding: "I had the privilege of having him as a film dad in L’étudiante et Monsieur Henri by Ivan Calbérac, where he was overwhelming ".

Nikos Aliagas, Audrey Pulvar, Richard Berry and Jean-Paul Rouve also expressed their sadness on social networks. But the most touching tribute was undoubtedly that of Nicolas Bedos, the son of his acolyte Guy Bedos with whom he had filmed We will all go to Heaven in 1977, who posted a photo of the film's cast on Instagram. "And There you go", he added in caption to remind his subscribers that following the death of Claude Brasseur, and those of Jean Rochefort, Guy Bedos, Victor Lanoux and Danièle Delorme, all the actors in the feature film are now dead.

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