Death of Patrick Juvet: the causes of the tragedy finally unveiled: Current Woman The MAG

Patrick Juvet is dead. Thursday April 1, 2021, the lifeless body of the performer of the tube Where are the women ? had been found lifeless in his apartment in Barcelona. The star, who has never hidden his bisexuality, was 70 years old. His agent Yann Ydoux had the difficult task of unveiling the tragic news to theAFP : “I got him on the phone three days ago, I thought he was good”, he had declared. The causes of the tragedy remained unknown at the time. His agent thought it was a “natural death“. “Patrick was a very sensitive person. He had ups and downs and suffered from an alcohol addiction. His brother’s death two years ago had affected him a lot.”, he explained to Parisian Thursday April 1, 2021.

The restrictions imposed due to the health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic would have precipitated his discomfort: “He was fine. Well, he had put on weight a bit because he was bored, he was a bit isolated. What bothered him was that he could no longer go out, with the Covid “, added Yann Ydoux on Friday April 2, 2021 during his visit to CNews.

Death of a heart attack

We had to wait for the results of the autopsy to find out more. An autopsy carried out on Friday April 2 and whose diagnosis was unveiled by theAFP on Wednesday April 7, 2021. The results show that the singer reportedly suffered a heart attack. Also on Wednesday April 7, 2021, his agent Yann Ydoux announced to theAFP that an unreleased track by the late disco star will be released very soon. Indeed, before dying, Patrick Juvet had recorded an unreleased song. A small consolation for his grieving fans …

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