Demi Lovato: Your ex-fiancé found out about their breakup from the newspaper

Demi Lovato's ex-fiancé Max Ehrich claims to have found out about her relationship from the press.

Demi Lovato (28, "Confident") seems to have ended the relationship with her ex-fiancé Max Ehrich (29) rather one-sidedly. The actor apparently even found out about the breakup from a tabloid. This is what Ehrich wrote in at least three consecutive Instagram stories.

"Imagine you find out the status of your relationship from a tabloid," wrote the 29-year-old. And further: "While you are in the process of making a biopic film about a pastor in a Christian church whose intention is to help people." Ehrich did not, however, go into which newspaper it was.

No joint decision

Just a few days ago, an unnamed source from the environment of the two told the US magazine "People" that the couple had made this "difficult decision" together so that everyone could concentrate on their respective careers. This is obviously not the case.

In July of this year, however, everything was still fine. In Malibu Ehrich asked for the hand of the 28-year-old. She said yes and then said on Instagram: She was downright ecstatic, "to start a family and a life with you". The two officially announced their relationship in March 2020. A statement on the alleged separation has not yet been made.