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Although it is just a replica, Lady Di's wedding dress that appears in The Crown series will have taken a lot of work. For this feat, the production did not hesitate to call directly on the stylists chosen by Diana at the time.

You couldn't miss the series The Crown. Broadcast on the Netflix platform, it retraces the entire life of Queen Elisabeth II. The episodes do not exclude of course by the rest of the royal family of England, nor even the significant events of the British monarchy. The fourth season is available since November 15 last and no shortage of twists and turns. Episodes actually make us relive the famous marriage of Prince Charles of Wales and Diana Spencer. And on our side, we were totally impressed by the wedding dress worn by actress Emma Corrin.

The resemblance is striking. The dress worn by Emma Corrin in The Crown is the perfect replica of Diana's real white dress. But to arrive at such a result, it is a work of several months which was requested from a team of many couturiers. And to achieve this feat, Netflix has seen the big picture, directly appealing to the stylist duo David and Elizabeth Manuel having personally designed Lady Diana's dress for her wedding in 1981. Suffice to say that the dress could only be perfect. In fact, even the production team was blown away by the dress. “We were filming the scene where you see (Diana) for the first time in the wedding dress. I had this team of 10 to help me put it on because it's imposing. I went out. and everyone was totally silent " Emma Corrin told during an interview with Vogue UK. "More than any other outfit I wear on the show, this one … it's so her."

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