Diablo IV: A closed beta for endgame content will take place soon

Despite the latest leaks around an accessible beta for relatives of employees of Blizzardthe team in charge of Diablo IV would like the game to be tested by even more people to improve the experience. For it, Blizzard will soon set up a very specific and original closed beta, since it will only show endgame content. But this beta also promises to be quite restrictive.

The content of this beta

Why focus a beta on the end-game content of Diablo IV ? Quite simply because many players are waiting for this episode at the turn on this very specific content, but also because Blizzard does not want to spoil the game’s main campaign.

This beta, which will be accessible on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Serieswill give access to the following content in particular:

  • hellish waves : Region events that give access to an unexpected challenge in the open world.
  • Nightmare Dungeons : A very demanding difficulty level with special modifiers by finding Nightmare Emblems.
  • whispers of the dead : Challenges to complete to obtain bonuses from the Tree of Whispers.
  • Fields of Hate : PvP content in predefined areas.
  • Paragon Trays : The high level customization of the chosen class.

How to access this closed beta?

To be able to participate in this beta, it will not be enough to rely on luck, since it will also be necessary to be a veteran of the license. Blizzard says that invitations will be sent to players who have recently spent a lot of time on endgame content Diablo II: Resurrected and Diablo III.

If this is your case, you can visit the site in the “Communication Preferences” menu of your account to verify that the “Information and special offers from” option is correct. activated, and until October 11. You can follow the noted instructions on Blizzard’s site for more details.

Blizzard says if you haven’t received a code by November 18, unfortunately you weren’t selected, but we’re warned that open beta phases will take place from the beginning of 2023.

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