Did you like Parasyte on Netflix? Here are 5 Korean horror series to watch on the platform!

Did you like “Parasyte: The Grey” on Netflix? Don’t miss these five other South Korean horror series available on the platform!

The French public does not seem to be getting tired of Parasyte: The Grey. The Korean series, adapted from the manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki, has occupied the top of the rankings of the most viewed series on the platform since its launch on Netflix. The program also exceeds 50 million hours of viewing worldwide!

A horror story aimed at an adult audience, Parasyte depicts a world where parasitic invaders take control of men and women, endowing them with phenomenal strength.

Infected by one of these creatures, Jeong Su-in nevertheless manages to maintain control of her body and begins a form of cohabitation with her parasite.

If you enjoyed this new hit from South Korea, then you will probably like these five other Korean horror series also available on Netflix!

Sweet Home

What is it about ?

As ferocious monsters spread terror and threaten humanity, a teenager plagued by inner demons becomes his neighbors’ best chance for survival.

Sweet Home – two seasons available

What do Internet users think? (average rating 3.7 out of 5)

According to Pascal I (3.5/5):

“S01 Very dramatic, behind closed doors, gore, suspense, apocalyptic, horrific, very good effects, without concessions and gripping. Good production which does not revolutionize the genre but manages to combine a multitude of themes. To see!

S02 Quite in the same vein as the punchy S01. On the other hand, too many drawn-out scenes with dialogues that get bogged down. The 8 episodes seemed a little long to me for the content delivered.”

According to Nanoune (5/5):

“Excellent this series is a killer which is becoming rare when it comes to productions created by Netflix the special effects scenes and the action scenes are spectacular especially concerning the monsters it’s super well done the casting is very good and the plot is great, it’s worth the detour if it’s good to watch.”

According to Olivier Acker (4/5):

“Violent, surprising and inventive. Sweet Home is a nice surprise. To top it all off, the special effects are very successful. The creatures are superb.”

All of Us Are Dead

What is it about ?

While a zombie virus decimates all the students in a high school, a group of students decide to lock themselves in the school grounds to try to survive the epidemic.

All Of Us Are Dead – one season available

What do Internet users think? (average rating 3.8 out of 5)

According to Fanny B (4/5):

“Not bad at all, at first I thought it would be more of a series for teenagers, but I really think the actors play terribly well…a little series that’s creamy…”

According to stephie n (5/5):

“Very good series, the actors play quite well, I’m quite satisfied with the zombies. It’s in the style of Last Train to Busan which I already loved, you don’t have to get hung up on the characters. I’m hoping for a season 2 because I cannot stay on such an end.”

According to Kevin Garcia (2.5/5):

“Far too many episodes for far too little storyline, it blabs endlessly, we lose the rhythm. Nothing very innovative, a series which takes up the codes of the zombie pandemic, without bringing anything original. We sometimes sighs when asking when things will finally move forward, the teenagers their relationships… no, I would have preferred a sequel to High School of the Dead and its typical WTF manga side.”


What is it about ?

As humans discover the ability to anticipate their own death, angels are tasked with sending those who use this gift straight to hell. For some, these angels are sent by God, while others wish to investigate their real origin.

Hellbound – one season available

What do Internet users think? (average rating 3.4 out of 5)

According to Sé D. (4.5/5):

“Once again the South Koreans strike hard. A series without cliché, without fear of going to the end. A series which is not there to impose on us a way of thinking that we wish to be universal. It rocks! Well done and thank you for enjoying us so much.”

According to Jean Redon (4/5):

“Koreans are very good when it comes to cinema. This series is horrible, scary but interesting. The scariest watches are not what you think. Very good series.”

According to InfiKnight (2/5):

“Watchable series without more. It’s slow, the storyline goes awry more often than you think and above all we don’t move forward in the story an unpleasant feeling of standing still in each episode and ultimately at the end of season 1 we realize that it’s not just an impression, we’ve really been treading water from the start.”


What is it about ?

In a kingdom ravaged by corruption and famine, a mysterious plague spreads and the dead are transformed into monsters. The crown prince, accused of treason but ready to do anything to save his people, makes it his mission to discover the origin of this evil that rages in the shadows.

Kingdom – two seasons available + a special episode

What do Internet users think? (average rating 4.2 out of 5)

According to Mickael Eloire (5/5):

“WoW what a killer!!! An underrated but absolutely enormous series. The storyline and the acting are extraordinary. Twists and turns, action and emotion. We’re still asking for more!! Really a huge hit! heart for this Korean gem!”

According to elriad (4/5):

“If the theme of zombies has been exploited to the point of overdose, this little series from South Korea, where we know the quality of their productions, manages to surprise and interest with the change of scenery since we are here in a ancient kingdom, that the sets and costumes are neat If we ignore the strong acting of the actors, the series is a pleasure to watch, and the Zombies, here awakened by a mysterious plant, are fast and very aggressive. fans of the genre…”

According to Aymeric L (5/5):

“Excellent surprise. This South Korean zombie series makes the Walking Dead prowlers look like amateurs. We clearly recognize the martial art style in the fight scenes between zombies and humans. The dynamic is completely different, we have the zombies in the background of the struggle for power in medieval South Korea.

The story is simple and ultra effective, punctuated by betrayals, plots and magnificent heroic acts. All in splendid, ultra-stylized settings, helped by the beauty of typical Asian monuments. This mix is ​​particularly successful, I really fell in love with this series with suspense, action, and particularly poignant moments of bravery exacerbated by the codes of honor and sacrifice.”


What is it about ?

With construction of the city’s newest residential skyscraper finally complete, Officer Yoon Sae Bom can’t wait to move in. Having long dreamed of the day when she could settle into her new apartment, Sae Bom is delighted to finally have a place where she can comfortably rest from the rigors of her job as a member of one of the special units of the city ​​police.

With her longtime friend and fellow police officer, Detective Jung Yi Hyun also moving in, Sae Bom is confident that this new home will bring her all the happiness she desires. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t last long.

Happiness – one season available

What do Internet users think? (average rating 3.4 out of 5)

According to Valentin Gigot (4/5):

“A nice series, with a storyline and plans that loop, but the characters are endearing and it’s pleasant to follow them to the end and see the outcome.”

According to Mortoeil Mantis (4/5):

“I really liked the series with good actors and actresses that I really love, but at the end of the series we see Jung Yi Hyun die by bullets and all these injuries, but really why and is he alive during from the passage of the little girl running into Sae Bom’s arms, while basically he would die in Sae Bom’s arms if I wrote it correctly, that’s just that I didn’t understand.”

According to chris75000 (1.5/5):

“Happiness or the zombie series that is stronger than The Walking Dead! It’s very simple, the episodes follow one another, and nothing happens, worse the series runs in a loop… Only the Korean exoticism brings a little originality to this undead series.

And again, the behavior and relationships between the characters are governed by such specific codes that it is difficult to fully understand the issues behind closed doors. As for the zombie threat, it seems so invisible and harmless that we end up forgetting it. Happiness is a more beautiful apocalyptic life.”

All the Korean series mentioned in this article are now available on Netflix.

Discover the list of series currently available on the platform!

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