Did you like William (Archie Renaux) in Overclassed? He stars in two other films on Prime Video!

Before falling under the spell of Camila Mendes in Overclassed, Archie Renaux starred in other feature films, some of which are available on Prime Video!

It is the most viewed film currently on Prime Video. Since its release on Prime Video on February 9, the romantic comedy Surclassée has enchanted the platform’s subscribers. Camila Mendes (Riverdale) plays Ana, an ambitious intern who dreams of a career in the art world while trying to impress her demanding boss Claire. When she is upgraded to first class on a business trip, she meets handsome Will, who mistakes Ana for his boss…

Before becoming Mendes’ love interest in this production, British actor Archie Renaux was revealed thanks to the Netflix series Shadow and Bone in which he plays one of the main roles (that of Mal). Although it was canceled after two seasons, it was extremely popular with fans of the novels…

If you liked the actor in Upgraded, know that he is also starring in two other feature films which we tell you about below. He also plays a very small role in the series Hanna, also available on Prime Video.

The other Zoey

What is it about ?

Zoey Miller, a super-intelligent computer science student with little interest in romantic love, finds her life turned upside down when Zach, a popular college football player, develops amnesia and mistakes Zoey for his girlfriend. Just before revealing the truth, she meets Zach’s cousin Miles, with whom she has a lot in common. While pretending to be Zach’s girlfriend, she realizes she has feelings for both and is forced to face her fears to make an impossible decision.

What there is to know :

Josephine Langford is a romcom pro. Between two episodes of the After saga, the young Australian filmed in The Other Zoe, which was produced for the Prime Video platform. Archie Renaux plays Miles, a high school student who falls under her spell… If you liked Overclassed, then you will find what you are looking for with The Other Zoey…

The Book of Catherine

What is it about ?

The adventures of a teenager in medieval England, as she tries to avoid the arranged marriages her father has in store for her.

What there is to know :

The Book of Catherine (Catherine Called Birdy) went under the radar in 2022, the fault of an exclusive release on Prime Video in France and very light communication around it. However, this girl power comedy written and directed by Lena Dunham (Girls) is carried by the brilliant Bella Ramsey (The Last of Us). Archie Renaux also plays her brother, Edward, a monk who finds her particularly inspiring. Andrew Scott (Sherlock) and Joe Alwyn complete this quite enjoyable cast.

If you like offbeat comedies, punchy lines and colorful characters, then go see this film on Prime Video!

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