Dieter Bohlen: Chief juror is happy about Michael Wendler's "DSDS" -aus

After Michael Wendler's exit from "DSDS", it becomes clear how close joy and suffering are. His manager cries, Dieter Bohlen triumphs.

Dieter Bohlen (66) does not mince words as always. After jury colleague Michael Wendler (48) announced his "DSDS" exit on Thursday evening, the pop titan spoke in a short video on Instagram. No trace of regret. The "bad, bad Wendler" is gone now, says Bohlen and quotes his mother's words: "The biggest problems often take care of themselves."

The 66-year-old, who has been on the casting show's jury for 18 seasons, speaks of an "evening of joy and reflection". He will hardly miss his fellow jury members. And what about the fans? Neither does it, Bohlen suspects. "You wanted him to run away anyway," he says bluntly into the camera.

Wendler's manager fights back tears

Markus Krampe (44) is much less pleased with the way things are going. Michael Wendler's manager was a guest on the RTL program "Pocher – dangerously honest!" On Thursday evening. The shock was written on his face. Nonetheless, he admitted: "That became apparent over a longer period of time."

Weeks ago, the 44-year-old noticed a change in the singer. Wendler's views and statements about the corona pandemic have "become more blatant" over time, so that he ultimately spoke of a "huge lie". "I'm finishing my career, I'll never come back to Germany," Wendler is said to have told his manager. Krampe further quoted, close to tears: "We will all die, you will also die. Perhaps you will come to America, there you also have a chance." The manager now considers the singer's career to be over. "To me, he's sick. Indeed sick," he said on the live show.