Dieter Bohlen shows: his girlfriend Carina is so sexy


Dieter Bohlen
Hammer figure! His girlfriend Carina is so sexy

Carina and Dieter Bohlen

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All celebrity news today in Brigitte ticker: Dieter Bohlen: His girlfriend Carina is so sexy +++ Daniela Katzenberger: Naked picture from the bathtub +++ Carmen Geiss surprises with a new look.

Celebrity news today in the Brigitte ticker

January 20, 2021

Dieter Bohlen: His girlfriend Carina is so sexy

Dieter Bohlen, 66, is currently on vacation in the Maldives with his girlfriend Carina, 37. Of course, the pop titan also regularly shares impressions from his journey and once again makes it clear how sexy his partner is.

His latest clip on Instagram shows Carina in different looks: first she wears a bikini, then she shows herself in a bikini top in combination with short denim shorts and then Dieter's girlfriend wears a bandeau top with the shorts. All three outfits have one thing in common. They emphasize Carina's great figure – her long legs, her well-toned stomach and her plump cleavage come into their own.

Dieter's followers are also completely amazed at this sight! "Such a beautiful woman" or "Carina is simply the perfect woman" is what two users write below. And another Insta user says appreciatively: "Mega your Carina. Such a perfect figure after two children. Hats off."

January 19, 2021

Daniela Katzenberger: nude picture from the bathtub

Daniela Katzenberger is not too good for anything. The 34-year-old loves her slapstick pictures, which she uses to keep her fans up to date on Instagram. Her latest posting caused a lot of laughs among her followers – even though the documentary queen shows herself completely naked.

But the revealing snapshot is not the real highlight in the posting. Daniela Katzenberger also skilfully hides possible intimate glimpses with her bent legs. Rather, the wife of Lucas Cordalis, 53, surprised with her hairstyle. "Always be yourself … unless you can be a unicorn – then be a unicorn," jokes "the cat". And there is a good reason for that. The 34-year-old has shaped the hair lathered with shampoo upwards in her bathtub photo.

But not everyone wants to recognize the unicorn. Daniela Katzenberger's mother – Iris Klein – has a completely different proposal, which she makes known in the article. "You are now a naked cat," said the former "Summer House of Stars" candidate, commenting on her daughter's revealing appearance.

The fans have a lot of fun. "How can you be sooooo cute and funny! How nice that you make us followers laugh" is just one of the numerous positive comments below the snapshot.

January 18, 2021

Carmen Geiss surprises with a new look

Carmen Geiss is always good for a surprise. The 54-year-old likes to be unusually revealing online. The opinions of the followers could hardly be more different. With, most recent photo, the wife of Robert Geiss, 56, hit the mark.

The millionaire's wife shows her new look on Instagram. With long, blonde and, above all, smooth hair, she simply knocks out her followers. Your complexion is radiant, your face is almost refreshing. "Take care of yourself and above all stay healthy!" Greets the reality TV star, his fans.

"That with your hair was a good decision. You look so much fresher and younger," a user compliments her. "The hair looks so great !!! Has the right style," enthuses actress Doreen Dietel, 46. And another Instagram user is sure: "One of your absolutely most beautiful photos of you."

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