Dieter Hallervorden: He and his girlfriend still have to work on this

Dieter Hallervorden
He and his girlfriend still have to work on this

Actor Dieter Hallervorden and ex-stunt woman Christiane Zander are about three decades apart.

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Dieter Hallervorden and Christiane Zander have been a couple for six years. Now they reveal what is still lacking in their relationship.

The comedian and actor Dieter Hallervorden (86, “honey in the head”) and the former stunt woman Christiane Zander (55) have had a happy relationship for more than six years. That there is still room for improvement in at least one point, reveal the two now in the “Bild am Sonntag”.

Zander is “a thoroughly honest person” and “cannot pretend that she accepts something against her will,” explains the 86-year-old. If a potential cause of a dispute then emerges, his partner usually helps him “to circumnavigate” – which does not always seem to work, however.

“We still practice on a good argument”

“Then the mood is in the ass and it’s my fault,” continues Hallervorden. “But also rightly. I don’t disagree with Christiane because I don’t want to agree with her. Rather, because I have a different attitude on the point in question.” That is not only the case with him, but also with her. “We’re both perfectionists there.”

“We still practice when we have a good argument,” adds the 55-year-old. There are “days when it works great, but not so much on others”. Dieter Hallervorden and Christiane Zander met in a theater and have been a couple since 2015. A year later, they made their relationship public. Born in Dessau, he was married twice before and has four children – two sons and two daughters.


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