“Difficult to clean names”: Zverev is relieved about the investigation

“Difficult to clear names”
Zverev is relieved about the investigation

Tennis star Alexander Zverev is accused by an ex-girlfriend of abusing her. However, she does not report the alleged incidents. Now there is an investigation by the Association of Professional Tennis Players. Zverev is happy about it and criticizes the waiting time.

After the upper body training on Court 1, Alexander Zverev went verbally on the offensive and hopefully commented on the ATP investigation into his ex-girlfriend’s allegations of violence. “It’s very difficult for me to clear my name. I’ve asked for this to happen for a long time myself. I know the media is turning this into a bad development for me – but I’m really quite happy about it.” because that will hopefully lead to the issue then being settled, “said the 24-year-old Olympic tennis champion.

The hamburger’s former girlfriend, Olya Sharipova, had accused him of beating her in October 2019 during the Masters Series tournament in Shanghai. Zverev has already denied this and other allegations several times. Many fans in California did not seem to be influenced by the topic in their affection and were happy about the autographs and selfies that Zverev took time for after the session. Zverev then welcomed the fact that the ATP had announced an investigation on Monday at his first public appearance since the announcement. “I’m relatively happy that it finally happened. To be honest, the ATP has waited a year too long,” said the fourth in the world rankings.

“It took a little too long”

The ATP condemns any form of violence or abuse and will investigate such allegations in relation to a tournament it organizes, the organization announced at the beginning of the week – a development that Andy Murray also likes. As one of the few professionals on the tour, the Briton had previously taken a public position on the subject. “It was taking a little too long, but now there is a process and a process for such allegations.” Since the proceedings are now ongoing, he does not want to go into it any further, but rather to wait for the result of the investigation.

How exactly the ATP wants to investigate the allegations that have been in the room for months is not even clear to Zverev himself. “Sure, I will be interviewed, she will be interviewed – but to be honest, I have no idea,” he replied to a corresponding question. The last time he proved that he can achieve top athletic performance despite the suspicions was his entry into the semifinals of the US Open, when a second article with allegations was published days before the start of the Grand Slam. Nevertheless, he hoped that an independent investigation “by a third party” would now help to clear up the issue and tick it off.

In August, Zverev announced that he had engaged his “German and American lawyers” to deal with the matter. They have already obtained an injunction against the source and the author who published the false claims. The court followed our arguments and stated that the allegations made are defamatory and false. ” Zverev once again “categorically and unequivocally denied that I abused Olja. I also fully support the creation of an ATP policy against domestic violence.”

“Finally the ATP moves its ass”

ATP CEO Massimo Calvelli commented in a statement on the organization’s investigation: “The allegations against Alexander Zverev are serious and we have a responsibility to deal with them. We hope that our investigation will find out will enable the facts to be ascertained and appropriate follow-up to be determined. ” The ATP “confirms that Zverev has denied all allegations. We will also pursue all further legal developments following Zverev’s preliminary injunction before the German courts.

He had an outstanding year in terms of sport and that was pushed into the background because of the allegations, he said. He was therefore happy, “that the ATP is finally moving its ass and doing a little something. So that you can leave it all behind and I can concentrate on the tennis player that I am again,” said Zverev. “I’m number four in the world, I’ve won the Olympics, won two masters tournaments and won four tournaments. And I go into most press conferences and talk about this crap, unfortunately.”

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