Digital growth is hampered by a lack of candidates

“Since June, with my partner, who also works in digital, we have been in great demand by recruitment firms or other companies, says Simon Loubris, content director at a digital marketing agency. I had three requests in three weeks and she, five or six. It’s a hyperdynamic job market, with a lot of turnover. “

This staff turnover, Aurélie Ambal knows it well: since leaving school in 2015, this developer has changed employers every year, with, each time, a salary increase of 5% to 10%. “I never sent a CV. I found on LinkedIn [un réseau social à usage professionnel]. Recruiters contacted me. I had several requests a day, all year round, and I chose what interested me. As we have the choice, we can be demanding. “

For the majority of digital profiles, full employment is the rule. “Everyone is chased away, remarks Simon Loubris. In my teams, there are forty of us, and there are about ten who have slammed the door since the beginning of the year. “ Out of 530,000 jobs identified by the Numeum federation, the leading professional organization in the sector, 80% are managerial positions and 93% are on permanent contracts. While activity fell sharply in spring 2020, it recovered rapidly in the second half of the year (4,600 salaried jobs created), and IT development jobs remained in high demand.

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“We are recruiting massively, and organizations’ digital budgets will increase by 10% in 2021, notes Soumia Malinbaum, administrator of Numeum. Every year 10,000 engineers are missing. “ “We have an average growth of 30% per year, says Julien Broue, co-founder of Easy Partner, a recruitment agency specializing in digital. From the second half of 2020, needs picked up. Customers needed to digitize their businesses. “

Employer requirement

The Covid-19 crisis has generalized teleworking and business transformation projects: migration of their applications to the cloud (cloud computing), securing solutions for their employees working from home, digitization of businesses … Numeum announces 5% growth for the sector in the first half of 2021, and 95% of companies have restarted their recruitment. Soumia Malinbaum insists on the cybersecurity sector: “In 2020, cybercrime has quadrupled. We will need 75,000 experts by 2025. We are very far from it. “ Yaëlle Leben, HRD for Southern Europe of the customer relationship management software publisher Salesforce, notes the shortage. “We have over a hundred open positions, but there are 2,450 jobs with the word Salesforce, so the ecosystem around us is in demand. “

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