Disappearance of Delphine Jubillar: the new companion of Cédric Jubillar released from custody

A new unsuccessful lead? Heard for 36 hours by investigators in the context of the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar, the companion of Cédric Jubillar was finally released this Thursday evening, December 16. No charge has been brought against her and she is not being indicted, her lawyer said.

“Madame is free, custody is lifted”, thus declared Me Fabienne Bex to journalists present at the gendarmerie of Gaillac, where the interrogation took place. “The custody went very well. The custody is over. The investigators have exploited all the time offered to them by the code of criminal procedure“, she explained again.

Arrested Wednesday around 7am for a suspicion of “concealment of a corpse”, the 44-year-old woman lives in a house near Albi with her son, a friend of Cédric Jubillar. The latter remains the number 1 suspect in the eyes of investigators, in this case without body or confession. He continues, however, to proclaim his innocence despite the body of sufficient evidence that justice considers to have to keep him in pre-trial detention. Since his indictment for intentional homicide by spouse, on June 18, the 34-year-old painter-plasterer has been held in solitary confinement at the Seysses remand center, near Toulouse.

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