Dismantling drug trafficking in Ajaccio

An open-air deal pointin Ajaccio, weighing half a million euros according to investigators’ estimates, has been dismantled, said Monday the Ajaccio prosecutor, who has made the fight against drug trafficking a “priority objective“. The deal point, located “in the Cannes districtin Ajaccio, was dismantled on October 17 and 18, as part of a preliminary investigation opened by the Ajaccio prosecution, announced in a press release the public prosecutor of Ajaccio, Nicolas Septe.

The four individuals arrested during this operation were sentenced on Friday by the criminal court. In a state of legal recidivism, “the main organizer of this veritable open-air stand supplying the entire Ajaccio basin with heroin, cocaine, cannabis and methadone pillswas sentenced to four years in prison, said the magistrate. The other three were sentenced, for two of them, to two years in prison with continued detention and for the last to one year accompanied by probation.

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The investigation revealed that this “open-air deal point was manned from morning to evening by a man who looked like a homeless man and two other associates‘, with up to ‘a hundred sales a day“. “In three months of activity“, this traffic had “generated income of more than 475,000 euros“, according to the projections and estimates made by the investigators. “The fight against drug trafficking will further intensify in Ajaccio but also throughout the Corse-du-Sud department in order to dry up the hidden sources of income that these lucrative trafficking hide for their organizers and prevent young Corsicans do not fall into addiction“, underlines the prosecutor, who made the fight against this trafficking and the”laundering of the sums of money generated», «a priority objective of the public prosecutor’s office“. Many investigations are ongoing, he concluded.

Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin announced this summer a “strengthening of judicial resources” to prevent Corsica, with 340,000 inhabitants, from becoming “the hub of drugs in the Mediterranean”.

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