Disney +: How users can set up parental controls

Disney +
So users can set up parental controls

Parents can set up child profiles and set age ratings at Disney +

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Although Disney is about family entertainment, Disney + also has content that is not suitable for the little ones.

Of the Disney + streaming service promises entertainment for children and the whole family. On the platform, among other things, with series such as “The Walking Dead” or films such as “Deadpool” but also content that is not at all suitable for the little ones. In order to prevent their own kids from having access to such an offer when they are not there, parents can set up child protection.

Child profile and age restrictions

There are two ways to restrict access to content. After logging in, users receive an overview of the profiles that have been set up for an account. Existing profiles can also be edited or new ones added here. When creating, an avatar must first be selected. Then users can assign a profile name and also check the “Child Profile” box. Children’s profiles are inherently limited in their range of functions, only offer content for younger target groups and a customized user interface.

In the settings, parents can also specify for a child profile under “Parental Control – Profile Change” that very young family members, at best, only stay on their profile. If you want to change a profile, you will be shown four randomly generated, written out numbers that you have to enter in digit form in order to leave your children’s area. This limitation is of course easy to circumvent for older children. Therefore, unrestricted profiles should be protected with a four-digit PIN that only parents know. In order to be able to make changes to such settings, users must have their account password ready.

In the case of conventional accounts, you can also set age ratings in the settings. If a profile is only intended for use by the seven-year-old son, for example, it is advisable to only grant approval for titles from the age of six or less. The teenage daughter, on the other hand, may be given a profile with approval for content up to the age of 16. The usual gradation of age ratings is offered: 0 years, 6 years, 12 years, 16 years and 18 years.