DNA sample confirmed – Southern Styria: Wolf killed a deer in the area

A wolf killed a deer in Großklein in mid-November. This was confirmed by a DNA sample. Now the animal should be observed more closely, according to the state of Styria.

The crack probably occurred on November 13th, as reported by the specialist magazine “Schafe&Ziegen”. A little later it was confirmed by a DNA sample: the dead old deer was actually a wolf tear. 35 farm animals have already been killed by a wolf in Styria this year. Deer and other game are not counted in these statistics. New regulation allows shooting. The office of the responsible regional councilor Simone Schmiedtbauer (ÖVP) says that they now want to closely monitor how this wolf behaves. The new Styrian Wolf Ordinance will come into force in a few days. It stipulates that so-called “risk wolves” and “harsh wolves” may be “taken” – i.e. shot. According to the regulation, this only applies to wolves that behave aggressively towards people or, for example, repeatedly overcome protective fences and tear animals in a few weeks. “If he is out and about in the settlement area and there are problems, then we now have the tools to remove him “, is it[called
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