Do you dare this surprising way to make up your lips?

This is a makeup trend that we never expected! Lip wings are freaking out on social networks and establishing themselves as THE new lip make-up to follow. We present to you this way that we like or don’t like at all to make up his mouth.

Mouth make-up has recently returned to the forefront to stick to current beauty standards, with full lips having established themselves as a must-have in the eyes of the greatest number. Lip contour pencils, lipsticks nude and glosses have in particular (re) become the most popular beauty weapons for making your mouth as plump as you want because make-up is THE solution for enlarging the volume of the lips without having to resort to surgery or injections. But lately, a whole new lip makeup trend – rather surprising, we must admit – has appeared on social networks and has started to divide Instagrammer.euse.s and Tiktokeur.s: that of lip wings, understand the “wings of lips” in the language of Molière.

The lip wings, what is it exactly ?

It is an even more extreme version of the darker lip contour than lipstick (the ultimate make-up faux pas which has nevertheless established itself as a current trend) which also uses this make-up technique, but which relies on the way the mouth is drawn, especially at the corners of the lips. Indeed, to make a make-up of the lips with lip wings, it is first necessary to trace the outline of your mouth with precision using a lip liner, which must be much darker than the one you would usually use to match the skin tone of your mouth even downright black. To succeed in your lip wings, you will then have to take care not only to go beyond the natural contour of your mouth a little with the pencil to enlarge your lips, but also to take care to accentuate your cupid’s bow with it, before extending your lip contour by drawing kinds of commas at the corners of the lips. Kind of like how you stretch your eyeliner line into a curved, ascending comma at the corners of the eyes to make you doe eyes. Finally, it seems necessary to blend the dark outline towards the heart of the lips before coloring them with a lipstick or a gloss.

As a result, makeup that is ultimately on the borderline between the exuberant mouth of the Bratz dolls and the grimacing smile of the Joker, barely more sober according to the make-up of certain beauty influencers.

As you will have understood, this rather cartoonish lip makeup is far from being suitable for everyone! Not natural, and above all frankly extravagant, it seems complicated to dare during the day to go to work or in any other daily situation for that matter, even if of course everything ultimately depends on your current make-up desire!

Anyway, unless you are going to a fancy dress party or wearing an extremely dark lipstick all over your mouth, you are advised to avoid the black lip contour and favor darker shades. sober (like lip pencils nude dark or chocolate) to make up your mouth every day, and why not try this trend for the less original!

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