Do you really need to wash your face morning and evening? Here is the surprising answer from a dermatologist: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

Before throwing yourself headlong into the complex world of skincare, you need to know your skin type in order to best adapt your skincare routine. And here again, questions remain. Should you apply your serums in the morning or in the evening? On dry or damp skin? Is collagen really effective in preventing the appearance of wrinkles? These are some of the questions you face daily. But this time, it’s a question linked to the frequency of facial cleansing that bothers our beautystas. To enlighten us, Doctor Shereene Idriss speaks on her TikTok account about washing our skin. And his answer might surprise more than one person!

Should you wash your face once or twice a day? The surprising answer from a dermatologist

When it comes to cleansing the skin, two clans emerge. On the one hand those who have said goodbye to cleaning their skin and on the other those who wash it too frequently, namely twice a day. In both cases, this is not suitable according to the New York dermatologist. In fact, many people no longer clean their faces for fear of damaging their skin barrier with products that attack the skin and make cleansing useless or even bad.

In a video posted on TikTok, dermatologist Sheerene Idriss recommends “wash your skin with a cleanser once a day rather than twice“It is true that washing your face too frequently could”damage it, make it oilier and intensify your acne”. So, prefer washing with a cleanser in the evening to get rid of the impurities accumulated during your day, and favor cleansing with water in the morning. As the successful dermatologist points out, “washing your face in the morning with water will not do you any harm, you will not risk damaging it“. This will allow you to get rid of impurities accumulated during the night such as perspiration and dead skin.

According to her, washing your face remains essential, especially when you live in the city because it is not “hygienic to go to bed with skin full of dirt“. The expert adds that it is better not to use a dry brush because it “could cause inflammation of your skin, spread bacteria and cause herpes.” Additionally, if you have acne or inflammation your brush will be contaminated.


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