Does she still receive family allowances?

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Discovered by the public in the program “Large families: life in XXL”, Alexandre and Amandine Pellissard finally chose to convert to a surprising field. With their new rather lucrative activity, do they still receive family allowances?

Alexandre and Amandine Pellissard have converted to X! In a YouTube video, former contestants of the show Large families: life in XXL confide in Jeremstar about their new activity. A subject that has divided the web, but Amandine Pellissard responds to criticism without disassembling. It must be said that the situation intrigues Internet users: going from a reality TV show on family life to an activity of creating pornographic content. Especially since the couple explains to Jeremstar that they shoot their videos on their sofa, when the children are sleeping.

One thing is certain, thanks to their notoriety acquired in the program broadcast on TF1, Alexandre and Amandine Pellissard have taken advantage of their sudden popularity on social networks. The couple began to earn money on the networks through product placements. And now their flirtatious videos are earning a living.

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Does Amandine Pellissard still receive family allowances?

Without taboo, Amandine Pellissard indicated that she had already won more than €26,000 on the Mym platform. And if the mother is also transparent about her income, it is also because these sums are declared. Indeed, the Mym site generates very specific invoices and price lists. As a result, does the couple still receive family allowances?

In Jeremstar’s video, the Youtuber is challenged by the astronomical amount of prepared food purchased by Amandine Pellissard. The races cost him between 3,000 and 4,000 euros. Faced with this high sum, Jeremstar then responds in a joking tone: “Fortunately there are allowances!”.

“Well no, there are no more allowances. Because we make too much money… We touch more. Nothing, it has been a long time. There are ceilings. You receive benefits when you have income that does not exceed a certain ceiling. Before, yes, we had some, but not anymore.” said Amandine Pellissard. Mystery solved!

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