Donald Trump: That's his life as an ex-president

Donald Trump
Such is his life as an ex-president

Donald Trump is – in theory – retired

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Donald Trump's life changed 180 degrees just under a week ago. How does it look now?

Even after less than a week without Donald Trump (74) as US President, you can see it clearly: It has become pleasantly quiet in the world. After Twitter tore the megaphone out of his hand almost at the same time as he was leaving as president, it is probably normal to ask yourself after more than four years of Trump's constant noise: What is he actually doing?

For the time being, Trump has moved into his property in Mar-a-Lago Florida – which is hardly surprising, since he had already referred to it as the Winter White House or Southern White House during his presidency. He spends his time there doing his favorite sport: On his first day as ex-president, Trump was seen on his golf course – wearing a red "MAGA" cap on his head, of course. So far, so retiree style.

It is doubtful whether he still feels comfortable in his White House, which is also home to his private club. The historian and author Laurence Leamer, who is considered an expert on the subject of Mar-a-Lago, told the US broadcaster MSNBC that numerous members of the club had said goodbye after Trump's lost re-election. "It's a sad place," said Leamer. And the neighborhood doesn't want him there either. A letter is even said to have been sent to the Secret Service and the City of Palm Beach, in which it is stated that Trump has no right to permanently reside in the complex, as it is considered a private club.

Lots of trouble

In addition to being angry with the neighborhood, playing golf and accepting his new insignificance for the world, Trump also has a lot to do: He has to take care of his disastrous finances, prepare for the second impeachment proceedings and the numerous investigations that are now running against him. According to the "New York Times" there are currently around 30 cases of sexual abuse to money laundering.

But it is more likely that Trump is planning his next move – on a political level. It was not for nothing that he had left the White House with the promise that he would come back in some form. Whether this actually means a new party, or the resurrection through his daughter Ivanka Trump will be revealed when it gets loud again.