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It is a young woman who does not intend to give up its place any time soon. Friday January 8, 2021, Alessandra, made her entry into Do not forget the lyrics, the musical game broadcast every night of the week on France 2. Aged 18, this pretty brunette managed to dethrone Marjorie, former holder of the silver microphone. But who is this new champion? Originally from La Louvière, Belgium, Alessandra is management student in the city of Mons. His ultimate goal is to become a company auditor. A little-known profession that the amateur singer wanted to explain to Nagui. "The auditor will see in the companies how the accounts are going, there is a lot of audit ", she explained. An activity which is similar to that of "management control"As the young woman asserts. But music also occupies an important place in Alessandra's life. Hence her participation in the musical program which revealed Jennifer. And she intends to appear in the list of the best maestros …

Alessandra, a new strong candidate

In order to increase its chances of stringing victories in Do not forget the lyrics like the famous Margaux, Alessandra has confessed to having worked a lot. "I still revised a lot of songs, I would say, by heart, I must be in the 800s! " she assured. What she was able to quickly prove later. Indeed, Alessandra managed to find the lyrics of almost all the music that has been offered to him. Including those she thought not knowing like the back of your hand. In a teasing mood, Nagui did not hesitate to carry the young woman. "Hope you stumble upon a song you don't know, since you get there well!" And it is clear that Alessandra is a strong candidate. Indeed, the new maestro managed to win the modest sum of 20,000 in one go.

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