"Don't forget the words": the new maestro Gaëlle returns to try her luck: Femme Actuelle Le MAG

The journey of the maestro Syndie, who dethroned Paul on Monday June 8, 2020 in Do not forget the lyrics, will have been short-lived. After only two wins, she was eliminated on Tuesday June 9, 2020 by Gaëlle, maternal assistant like her. A candidate that the aficionados of the show know well sinceshe already participated in the musical program animated by Nagui, over a year ago. "How much did you earn?"asked the presenter of Taratata. To which the young woman replied to be back then with 10,000 euros. To justify his new participation in France 2's tele-hook, Nagui explained: "You benefit from the change in regulations a year ago. Before, we weren't allowed to come back if we had won more than 5,000 euros, whereas now, we weren't allowed to come back if we won more than 10,000 euros but at 10,000, we still have the right."

Internet users are delighted by Gaëlle's return

Gaëlle confided that from her arrival on the set several months ago, she had retained that it was necessary to remain very concentrated during the whole song, which was a difficult exercise. A lesson that she seems to have implemented since she beat Syndie, thus recovering for the second time the microphone of maestro. News that delighted internet users to believe their comments on social networks: "But Gaëlle we know her! It's nice to see her. Go Syndie does not hold water, easy ", I am a little late but I am too happy that Gaëlle has won, I hope that she will go further than the last time and that the previous maestro.","Gaëlle maestro again and this I BUY! "

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