Duchess Catherine falls victim to bodyshaming

Duchess Catherine
British Reporter: Inappropriate comments about her character

Duchess Catherine

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When Duchess Catherine and Prince William performed at the “Earthshot Prize” on October 17, 2021, all eyes were on the royal couple. A British reporter apparently had something completely different in mind than the important reason for the award of the award. He commented on the dainty figure of the Duchess and has now received a lot of criticism for it.

Duchess Catherine, 39, and Prince William, 39, were in London on Monday (October 17, 2021) for the “Earthshot Prize” to draw attention to the thingness, to protect the environment. The Royal Foundation of William and Kate awards this prize annually to five projects that deal with topics from the areas of nature conservation, marine protection, air cleanliness, waste prevention and climate protection. An important background for a glamorous event, which apparently faded into the background for some at the sight of the royal couple. A British presenter was so captivated by the sight of the Duchess that he made some comments about her appearance. Much to the displeasure of the network community!

Duchess Catherine has to face nasty bodyshaming

“Good Morning Britain” presenter Richard Madeley commented on Kate’s petite figure rather than addressing the consensus of the event. “She’s so thin, isn’t she? Kate?” He asked in the direction of his co-host Susanna Reid. The replied: “That’s it, isn’t it?” But that’s not all. Madeley came back to the subject, once again pointing out Kate’s “tiny, tiny waist”. Reid summed up Kate’s look: “She looks absolutely fantastic.” That conversation between Madeley and Reid is now receiving a lot of criticism on the Internet.

Inappropriate comments from reporters

Many users point out that the reporters should have dealt much more with the topic of the event instead of talking about Duchess Catherine’s character. “I can’t believe Richard Madeley’s only comment on ‘Earthshot’ was the size of the Duchess of Cambridge’s waist. How embarrassing!” Another is even more specific: “Richard Madeley just can’t help but make a mistake. Would Kate like it if her waistline was commented on? I don’t think so, stick to the topic!”.

The fact that Madeley and Reid Kates comment positively on a strikingly slim figure also has little resonance. “My daughter fought an eating disorder for seven years and comments like this can do a lot of bad things,” you can read on the net.

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