Duchess Meghan: She is said to have asked for money for royal appearances

Duchess Meghan
She is said to have asked for money for royal appearances

Did Duchess Meghan have a problem shaking hands with people on her 2018 tour of Australia?

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Tantrums, verbal abuse and demands for more money: new allegations put Duchess Meghan in a dark light again.

Serious allegations have again been made against Duchess Meghan (41). Apparently, Prince Harry’s wife (38) once complained that she was not paid for some of her royal public appearances. At least that’s what royal expert and author Valentine Low writes in his new book “Courtiers: The Hidden Power behind the Crown”.,excerpts from which “The Times” quoted in advance shortly before publication on October 6th.

Members of the palace staff heard Meghan say, “I can’t believe I’m not getting paid for this,” after her dates on the royal tour of Australia with Harry in October 2018. She is also said to not have understood why she had to shake hands with people and do rounds during her performances.

The former ‘Suits’ actress also berated several palace employees, including a young woman, after she described one of Meghan’s plans as “difficult to implement,” palace insiders claim. As a result, some employees are said to have been afraid of telephone calls with the Duchess.

Bullying allegations against Meghan

Only in June of this year were allegations of bullying against Duchess Meghan made by a palace employee. The British royal family then launched an investigation. However, the results of the investigation report have not been made public. The Duchess has firmly denied the allegations.


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