Dying Light 2 Stay Human will come back to life with a ton of free additions to forget its microtransactions

The recent summer update 1.12 of Dying Light 2 Stay Human has put some weight in the game’s wing Technology by adding the unthinkable: a store in-game with microtransactions. Yes, a year and a half after its launch, this is enough to annoy players and the review bombing was not long in coming, all you have to do is go see Steam to convince themselves of this, some players do not hesitate to link this with the fact that Tencent became a majority shareholder of the studio. For the more tolerant, it is possible to pay between €4.99 and €49.99 for 500 to 6,500 DL Points in order to purchase bundles which require between 350 and 750, which necessarily leaves too many, a technique that is predatory to say the least and which encourages you to go back to the checkout afterwards, unlike simply allowing you to buy DLC in the platform stores as before. The studio was splitanswer clearly missing the problem. No doubt in an attempt to calm the situation and regain the good graces of the community, a roadmap more than tempting has just been put online.

The latter covers the next additions planned for the end of the year, without promising a specific date for their arrival. It is better that after all than another roadmap like in February which promised the 2nd paid extension for the end of 2023… Here is everything that was announced (note that there is a small error on the French version of there roadmapindicating the same content twice), including various events in line with what was done with The Walking Deadamong others.

Free fall and winter 2023 content

  • New cooperative missions, quest board and replayable GRE Anomalies.
  • Added guns.
  • Raid the VNC Tower in co-op.
  • Weapon repair.
  • New variant of enemies.
  • Knives and polearms.
  • Free outfits.
  • Text chat.
  • Disassembly of equipment and mods.
  • New weapon rarity.
  • New difficulty: nightmarish.
  • Finishing blows.
  • Explosive knives and throwing stars.
  • Light blur on/off button (bloom).
  • Community mod support.

Events and crossovers

  • October 2023 – Vampire: The Masquerade collaboration and Halloween event.
  • November 2023 – Collaboration For Honor in Villedor.
  • December 2023 – Winter Celebrations.
  • January 2024 – 2nd anniversary event.

Let’s all hope that the addition of firearms in Dying Light 2 Stay Human does not completely ruin the basic experience mainly designed for melee (bows and crossbows aside). A session AMA on the Discord The game will take place on September 26, where Tymon Smektala will answer questions from the community.

Currently the game is on sale at the house of Gamesplanet at the price of €26.99 on PC and can still be purchased at the house of Amazon on consoles.

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