Editorial treasures: These things have captured our hearts

The bag without which we never leave the house. The cuddly sweater that gives us warmth and comfort. The bath oil that gives us relaxation after a long day. In our everyday life we ​​are constantly surrounded by new products and trends. And even if we think that novelties can be ignored, there are things that win our hearts. First our gaze catches on them, then our memory.

Yes, our editorial team also sometimes falls in love – and not just with people, but also with one or the other product. How come? There are many reasons for that. Because it’s kind of different. Because it really works. Because it’s a real problem solver for us. Because it makes our everyday life easier. Distracts us. Making happy. Gives you moments of pleasure. And to be honest: sometimes just because it looks so wonderful.

Makes us happy – maybe you too?

All of it is allowed on this route. Our editors would like to share with you the things that excited them in everyday life. This can be the book, the scent or a super practical lunch box. We’ll keep you up to date on which products we have just rediscovered or rediscovered, what we swear by when it comes to beauty, which chocolate we just can’t resist, what our current favorite looks like or which trendy lifestyle products you can really use.

Once a month, our editorial team gives you a quick look through the keyhole and presents products that can do everything, but don’t have to do anything – except make us happy. Perhaps the one or the other can also do something with it – happiness doubles, as is well known, when you share it. So: Have fun browsing and be inspired.