Eggnog Martini: Recipe for a little caffeine kick at Christmas

Eggnog Martini
Recipe for a little caffeine kick at Christmas

Brent Hofacker / Adobe Stock

For an Eggnog Martini, combine the classic espresso martini with eggnog.

Espresso Martini has been a trendy drink for several years. At Christmas you can vary it a little and try an Eggnog Espresso.

Espresso Martini now belongs on every good cocktail menu. The drink has become a real trend drink in recent years. Now people are getting creative and thinking about how they can spice up or modify the cocktail. Apparently a solution has already been found for Christmas.

Eggnog Martini: The perfect drink for the holiday season

Because a little caffeine can do you a lot of good during the Christmas period when you’re rushing from appointment to appointment. To do this, take the classic Eggnog and combine it with an Espresso Martini – et voilà – an Eggnog Martini! We show the recipe in the video.

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