Elise Chassaing: What becomes of the ex-star of Canal +, who regretted his passage in TPMP?

This Thursday, August 11, Elise Chassaing celebrates its 43rd anniversary. It’s on Canal + and in particular in The Big Newspaper and The New Edition that the mother of Basile (11 years old) and Octave (7 years old) has been revealed to the general public.

In 2012, Élise Chassaing was the une of the show’s columnists Do not touch My TV who had just landed on D8 (current C8). She left this show after a few months. In an interview with All TV for the promotion of the show stunning broadcast on France 3 during the first confinement of spring 2020, Élise Chassaing looked back on her months spent on Cyril Hanouna’s show: “In TPMP, I was out of place. It’s not my kind of TV. I like to meet people, take the time and be more culturally oriented. This experience has made me grow, because I understood that we were building in this way in what we refused. After five months in Touche pas à mon poste, I realized that I was going in a television direction that did not correspond to me I preferred to leave my place to those who really like to have fun”, confided the one who finally bounced back in the France 5 broadcast, We are not just guinea pigs discontinued in 2016.

From columnist to documentary filmmaker

In 2020, Élise Chassaing made a documentary on the famous couturier Pierre Cardin (who died in December 2020 at the age of 98) entitled Pierre Cardin, the factory of the future. Guest on the show Culture Media on Europe 1 at the very beginning of 2021, the journalist spoke about her approach: “Pierre Cardin’s archives are quite incredible because they have never been classified. So we were able to go and rummage through drawers like that and digitize images that had never been shown.”

On the private side, we hardly know the name of the one who shares the life of the talented Élise Chassaing. However, the journalist appears regularly with the host of Culturebox, Raphäl Yem whom she considers to be “her TV husband”. If we are to believe a post published on Instagram in May 2021 and in which she wears a medieval dress.

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