Elton John: Star-studded living room concert as a corona distraction

Actually, the annual iHeartRadio Awards should have taken place on Sunday evening (March 29th) in the USA. But the award ceremony was canceled due to the corona pandemic. Instead, the "Living Room Concert for America" ​​was shown on US television. British pop icon Elton John (73) had invited to the one-hour TV event and a lot of his prominent friends have answered the call.

From the Backstreet Boys to Sam Smith

When Elton asks John for the living room concert, the stars come in rows. Spectators could watch home performances by the Backstreet Boys, Dave Grohl by the Foo Fighters, Billie Joe Armstrong by Green Day, country star Tim McGraw, Sam Smith, Demi Lovato and H.E.R. delight. However, these previously recorded interludes did not quite match the charm of the spontaneous live social media concerts by musicians like John Legend or Chris Martin from Coldplay. However, some highlights stood out.

For example, fans at the "Living Room Concert for America" ​​saw Shawn Mendes (21) and Camila Cabello (23) flirting in common corona isolation. Billie Eilish (18) casually performed her mega hit "Bad Guy" on the sofa. Alicia Keys (39) dedicated her song "Underdog" to all first aiders who risk their lives to protect people from Covid-19. And pop diva Mariah Carey (50) lived up to her name when she smashed "Always Be My Baby" and apparently used a small fan to blow her hair away.

Elton John himself said, according to the Los Angeles Times, that he was in quarantine of all places where there was no piano. In the end, he used the electrical keyboard of one of his sons to help him sing a few lines from "Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Me". He promised that when the Corona crisis was over, he would "play for you" outside again. Until then, the message of the living room concert is: hold on!